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This year, I decided to get more variety into my reading and therefore I came across stories by Brenda Rothert.
Brenda is an American novelist who has written twenty-three contemporary romance novels so far and is actively working on new ones. Unfortunately, I've read only four of them, but I am planning on reading others as well. She is well known for writing "Fire on Ice" series as well as "Lockhart Brothers" series. I've read only standalone novels so I can tell she brings something new to readers with every new book she writes.
I got in touch with her and asked her for a quick interview. She agreed and answered few questions. She also offered to give one signed copy to you so you can find a quick questionnaire at the end of this article. :)
You can find more of her work on goodreads or her official website.

Great question! It does both, actually. When I'm in a groove with my writing and I write something unexpected that I end up loving, that energizes me. But when I'm up against a deadline and writing hard, that's definitely exhausting.

Music and movies absolutely inspire me! I love both. Often, I have playlists for my books that I listen to as I'm writing. And movies remind me how much of an emotional attachment I can form to a character in two hours or less. As an author, I get to have readers' attention for more than two hours, so movies remind me I can do what I need to do in the time I have, if I write the book well.

I'd been wanting to write a book about twin sisters for a while, but I wanted it to have an angle I'd never seen in a book before. Once I decided what I wanted to do with the story about the sisters, the rest fell into place in my head.

Once I start the writing process, not more than two months. Usually, it's more like six weeks.

Sometimes I do. Usually, I only read them during release week. Good ones provide tremendous validation and encouragement to keep writing. And the bad ones don't really get to me. Not every book is for every reader. I developed a tolerance for people not liking my work as a journalist.

I like both, but recently I've only been writing standalones. Series can be tough for me if it's "time" to write the next book and I want to write something else. There's freedom in writing standalones - I don't have to go back to a world I already created, I just get to start fresh each time.


Brenda was so kind that she offered to give away a signed copy of Come Closer, so if you are interested in getting this book, all you have to do is leave a comment bellow with:
1. your name
2. your email address (so I know how to contact you if you win)

This giveaway is going from now on until Saturday (30.9.- 23:59) On Sunday I will announce the winner and contact you within that day (you can also watch it on my Instagram stories).

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